SERRC’s Facilities department offers a wide-array of affordable site-specific maintenance and construction services that help districts keep their buildings safe and in compliance with state and federal regulations. Our services are paired with outstanding customer service, to ensure that you get results year-round.


Capital Improvement Projects

Crafting a competitive Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Grant Application to the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development can be tricky and time consuming for district administrators and maintenance managers.

Our Facilities Department has an excellent track record of success in assisting schools in developing and submitting CIP applications. We can also help you obtain elements of a successful application:

For cities or borough school districts with the ability to bond CIP projects, SERRC can also assist with Applications for State Aid for Debt Retirement.


Education specs & facilities planning

The Department of Education and Early Development requires educational specifications for all new school construction and school renovation projects where space is altered.

By guiding districts in developing appropriate educational specifications, SERRC Facilities Services has helped lay the groundwork for numerous projects around the state.

We bring together school district personnel and other facility stakeholders to develop an educational specification that meets the needs of your educational program and community.  We also work with the project design team to see that this specification is met throughout the design process.  This helps ensure that by the end of the project, the building meets or exceeds the district’s expectations, and stays within budget.


Grant & Construction Management

SERRC’s Facilities Services assists school districts with the specialized and complex tasks required to manage construction projects after funding is secured.  Over the years we’ve been involved with dozens of projects scattered all around the state, working closely with both school districts and EED.

We understand requirements and expectations, and we’re here to provide the level of support your district needs to feel comfortable in managing your project from beginning to end.

  • In the initial stages, we can assist in the selection and contracting of an architect, and help with the design and bidding process.
  • During construction, we can track expenses, see that grant payments are applied for and received in a timely manner, and make sure that reports are submitted as required.
  • We typically help monitor construction progress through periodic onsite inspections, providing an extra set of eyes to ensure that things are moving smoothly and on schedule.
  • Once construction is complete, we assist in gathering the required documentation and submitting the paperwork to close out the project and CIP grant.

Condition Surveys & Facility appraisals

SERRC’s Facilities department can help you assess critical building upgrades and develop a successful CIP grant application with Condition Surveys and Facility Appraisals.

By assisting you in developing a Condition Survey or Facility Appraisal team, SERRC supports districts in gathering essential information needed to make tough decisions about where to invest facilities funds. We ensure that every Condition Survey we oversee contains data needed to empower school districts to make informed decisions about their facility choices, including descriptions of a facility’s physical condition, viable options, cost benefit analysis, and life-cycle costing. A Facility Appraisal, is often completed in conjunction with a Condition Survey, and assesses both the programmatic functioning of a facility. Together, the two reviews will give you a detailed analysis of a facility’s needs, and definition and documentation of needed facilities upgrades.


Asbestos Services (AHERA)

Asbestos compliance is required by federal law, and abatement of asbestos-containing materials is often an essential part of building renovation projects.

Our facilities department has an accredited AHERA Building Inspector and Management Planner on staff to perform 3-year re-inspections, review your asbestos management plan for compliance, assist in replacing or reconstructing a missing management plan, and help you develop asbestos management plans for new buildings.