SERRC provides secondary transition services to districts and oversees the Alaska Transition Outcome Project grant. Successful secondary transition means administrators and parents see their youth happily and productively shift from school to work, and move from home to independent living.
I learned so much about so many different jobs this week. (SERRC staff) brought in so many cool speakers. I didn't know I had that many options
Jimmy, Juneau
There are abundant resources available for educators, parents and students at Topics include, but are not limited to, transition conferences at schools, using the website, student led IEP meetings, Stone Soup Group resources for parents, accommodations and modifications, plus engaging lessons for students of all ages! 
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Regional and local secondary transition camps

Facilitated camps offer students, families, educators, and community members dedicated time to learn skills and techniques that help students transition from school to life, for employment, education/training, and independent living.

Secondary transition awareness

Focused trainings familiarize students, families, educators, and community members with current regulations, best practices and efficient ways to integrate them into the community.

Resource mapping

Practical guidance to help students access local and regional resources needed to successfully transition into the next phase of their lives.

Secondary Transition planning assistance

Continuous support and help for teachers, community members, and families in creating and implementing effective and compliant student transition plans.
SERRC provided excellent professional training in secondary transitions for our district staff this year. The workshop training provided enriching information beyond the necessary compliance pieces, and teachers who participated unanimously reported that the training was meaningful and motivating.
Mandy Evans, Special Education Director