Alaska Close Up Going Virtual with FREE 2021 Programming

This year, Alaska Close Up will offer students and teachers new programming centered around a civil action inquiry unit and a single, powerful question:  How Can I Influence Change.

The unit will be based on the C3 Framework which focuses on concepts, skills and disciplinary tools necessary to prepare students for college, career and civic life. The program will be offered to teachers and students free of charge.


Alaska Close Up Civil Action Inquiry

Program Kickoff

  • Information Session for Teachers — Wednesday, March 3rd at 4:00 PM 
  • Program Kickoff For Students & Teachers with special guest Portugal the Man and more! — Wednesday, March 17th at 4:00 PM

Teacher-Led Student Inquiry (6 weeks)

  • Teachers will use an inquiry design model and related resources provided by Alaska Close Up, with the freedom to adapt as necessary for their local context and teaching style  

Culminating Virtual Event 

  • Wednesday April 28th - (4:00PM - TBD) - The event will be based on the theme of the inquiry — How Can I Influence Change? — and may include student presenters, a panel of Legislators and other special guests

Alaska Close Up brings seventh-12th grade students and chaperones to Juneau to instill a sense of civic duty and to inspire them to participate effectively as informed, responsible citizens of our state. The program teaches participants about state government through hands-on activities and arranged field trips that include meeting with legislators, visiting various government sites, and holding their own mock committee and legislative simulations.

Alaska Close Up is open to any student in grades 7-12 currently enrolled in an Alaska school (including home schools).

Activities include: working with legislators and others in state government to solve a local problem, visiting various government sites, and holding standing committee and legislative session simulations.

Each week-long session is packed with exciting activities that are aligned with Alaska Content Standards.

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