Who we are

SERRC is a non-profit educational service agency providing services statewide, working with nearly every district, from Metlakatla to Utqiagvik.

With more than four decades of providing educational services to students, teachers, families, schools and school districts, SERRC has the personnel, infrastructure and experience to meet Alaska’s unique educational needs.

We pride ourselves in being responsive, solutions-oriented, innovative, collaborative and cost-effective.

What we believe

SERRC goes the extra mile in providing quality educational services throughout Alaska, by anticipating, meeting and surpassing educator and student needs.

  • Educators and students deserve the best support and resources
  • Deep partnerships and collaborations yield lasting results
  • Excellence depends on continuous improvement
  • Service to education merits the highest level of honesty, integrity and quality
  • We make a difference to Alaska's educators and students

Land acknowledgement

SERRC, Alaska’s Educational Resource Center serves students and communities situated upon the traditional lands of Indigenous people. SERRC acknowledges that, since time immemorial, Alaska Native people have been and continue to be stewards of the land and integral to the well-being of communities. We are grateful to be a part of these communities. We support the education of all children, including future Elders. We honor the culture, traditions, language, and resilience of Indigenous people.


Who we serve

Alaska educators and students experience a unique learning environment due to Alaska’s large size, remote villages and cultural diversity.

Alaska has a small population scattered across an area larger than most countries in the world.

Alaska students come from a variety of cultures. Alaska is home to one of the most diverse school districts in the country, and across the state you'll find nearly every race, ethnicity and cultural background represented. Rural Alaska communities may be predominantly Alaska Native, inhabiting this land since time immemorial. Cultural values and traditions are an important part of our school programs.

Alaska schools vary greatly in size. High schools in Anchorage, the state’s largest city, may serve more than 2,000 students. Schools in other urban areas may serve hundreds of students and are similar to schools in small cities in the rest of the United States. Many schools in rural areas are small, some with 20 or fewer students at a variety of grade levels. They may be many miles from population centers and services, and accessible only by aircraft, boat or snow machine.

In remote villages, schools often serve as centers of community activity and educators often teach multiple subjects, lead extracurricular activities, form partnerships with the community and design curricula that fits particular places.

Due to the remote nature of many of its schools, Alaska is on the cutting edge of using technology to expand opportunities for students, educators and administrators.


Our history

SERRC was created in 1976, authorized by Alaska statute, as Southeast Regional Resource Center, one of several entities established to assist school districts across the largely rural state of Alaska. In 1981, SERRC incorporated as a private nonprofit. As the only remaining resource center, it was granted the ability to serve the entire state of Alaska.

Why are we called SERRC?

SERRC is the acronym for Southeast Regional Resource Center. When authorized in 1976, SERRC served only Southeast Alaska.

Even though SERRC now serves the entire state, the name remains, with the added maxim: Alaska's Educational Resource Center, which makes it more clear what we do.