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Want to make a difference in the most beautiful place on earth? Come work for SERRC! We have offices in Juneau and Anchorage and itinerant positions that can take you to every corner of the state. SERRC staff are creative, committed professionals who care deeply about education in all phases of life. SERRC offers a collaborative work environment across programs where staff knowledge, experience and passion are valued. The SERRC community extends across the state and the country, working together to support Alaska's learners, leaders and teachers.

SERRC offers a flexible schedule with remote, hybrid and in-office positions. Employees accrue paid sick and personal leave and can enjoy up to 10 paid holidays. SERRC employees are part of the State of Alaska retirement system and have access to medical, dental and vision insurance, as well as a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). Employees can utilize an annual professional development stipend and can accrue airline miles for personal use. In-office staff receive a paid parking permit and can access additional location-specific benefits. 

Staff testimonials


I joined SERRC because I was intrigued by the different opportunities available. Since starting, I have been constantly encouraged and trusted to try things outside my comfort zone, contributing to my professional growth. I love being able to travel to the different parts of Alaska to meet educators and students from such different walks of life.


About three decades ago I learned about SERRC and its adult education program and inquired about employment, knowing I loved the direct impact on students and their own career trajectory. I have always loved the sense of satisfaction derived from helping a person feel empowered with new skills and opportunities. I have appreciated the flexibility in scheduling, which allowed me to raise a family while working at SERRC continuously.

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  1. Click the Apply button on the right side of the job posting:
  2. Complete the online application through ATP and complete the required fields.  If you have already completed an application through ATP for a previous position, sign in, and your data will be pre-populated in the application form.

  3. When selecting a position, be sure to select SERRC as "district" to show available SERRC positions:
  4. Select the position desired and submit the application.

  5. Once received by SERRC, you will be sent an email notification from HR of receipt.

If you need an application in an alternate format, please email or contact us at (907)586-6806


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Learn about life in Alaska

Most American educators drive to work or maybe take a bus to their schools but, here in Alaska, things can be a bit different. SERRC staff may travel the state by air (jet, float and prop planes), boat, snow machine or perhaps even by dog sled to provide the children of Alaska with the best possible programs and services.



Alaska is home to many different ethnic groups, including Alaska Natives. With more than eleven distinct cultures and 20 different languages, there is no one Alaska Native culture. Alaska Natives make up about 15% of the state’s total population.
Along with Alaska’s first people, America’s far north is also inhabited by a variety of other ethnic groups – all of which have their own  unique languages and cultures. In Alaska, almost every community hosts a unique combination of not only ethnic
groups – but cultures and sub-cultures. From fishermen and loggers, to people who work in tourism and the oil industry, to large groups that live a subsistence lifestyle – Alaska is truly a world unto itself.

Working as a special education itinerant

SERRC’s Itinerant Special Education Related Service providers deliver services to school districts located in rural and rural-remote Alaska. While Alaska’s three major cities may be indecipherable from small urban clusters in other states, “bush” Alaska is unlike any town or village in the lower 48. In fact, many residents live a subsistence or semi-subsistence
lifestyle. Due to the lack of roads, travel in and out of “bush” Alaska is dominated by air travel in small planes. All SERRC itinerants are expected to perform evaluations for special education eligibility as well as assisting with the implementation of services.


Frequently asked questions about special education careers with SERRC

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