Raven Writes Traditional Native Foods Camp

SERRC, Alaskaʼs Educational Resource Center, has partnered with Sealaska Heritage Institute and the Juneau School District for Raven Writes, an Alaska Native Education Program Grant. This project is a natural progression from the Baby Raven Reads literacy program, as we will work with local elders and other cultural specialists in conjunction with elementary teachers to create a culturally literate writing curriculum to better serve the needs of all the students in our community.

Lead by local Alaska Native educators, this camp is based on local and cultural traditions for food harvesting and preparation, and is intended to inspire and generate the writing of personal stories around experiences with food and family.

Enjoying what the season offers, Alaska Native students will explore Native ways of knowing with an emphasis on storytelling around subsistence activities and food sourcing, harvesting, preparing, and sharing. Children will also be working directly with Elders and other cultural specialists as part of this experience.

Each session will end with a family sharing event. Students will also receive an hour a day in writing exploration and support by teachers who will be training simultaneously.

  • Two weeks, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Lunch and snack provided
  • Bus service provided
  • Field trips for hands-on experience harvesting
  • Cooking and celebrating with traditional foods
  • Camp activities will also include music, art, games, community building, and lots of outside time!


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Raven Writes Summer Writing Programs

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