Maintenance Management

SERRC provides maintenance management for roughly half of Alaska’s school districts

SERRC’s Maintenance Management System assists districts in meeting state maintenance requirements and in maintaining eligibility for the CIP funding process. Our Facilities department pairs new user-friendly maintenance software with:

  • Extensive personalized support;
  • A custodial care plan adapted to your facility;
  • An energy consumption tracking system;
  • Training documentation; and
  • Your annual renewal and replacement schedules.

In addition, SERRC’s facilities staff offers top-notch customer service based on our extensive knowledge of Alaska’s geography and regulatory requirements, including:

  • Site-specific customization;
  • Training and advice;
  • Immediate customer service;
  • Integration with other facilities work such as CIP applications;
  • Continuity through district personnel turnover, and more.

For references on recent work or more information, please contact us today.

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