Condition Surveys and Facility Appraisals

gustavus.tallSERRC’s Facilities department can help you assess critical building upgrades and develop a successful CIP grant application with Condition Surveys and Facility Appraisals.

By assisting you in developing a Condition Survey or Facility Appraisal team, SERRC supports districts in gathering essential information needed to make tough decisions about where to invest facilities funds. We ensure that every Condition Survey we oversee contains data needed to empower school districts to make informed decisions about their facility choices, including descriptions of a facility’s physical condition, viable options, cost benefit analysis, and life-cycle costing. A Facility Appraisal, is often completed in conjunction with a Condition Survey, and assesses both the programmatic functioning of a facility. Together, the two reviews will give you a detailed analysis of a facility’s needs, and definition and documentation of needed facilities upgrades.

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