Email or IM: [email protected]
Team Phone: (907) 433-7433
After-hours: (907) 723-3938

We provide Zoom hosting and best-practice consulting for public meetings, conferences, and online camps. Email or call Ryan at (907) 433-7433 for details.

We provide:

  • EduIT service to Alaskan schools.
  • Comprehensive or supplemental IT management
  • Education & non-profit focus
  • Coordination and planning
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Network management and core services
  • Virtual and physical infrastructure 
  • Servers & systems
  • Instructional technology integration and management
  • Website and social content management
  • Helpdesk via email, IM, phone
  • Individualized and group professional learning

We specialize in:

  • Problem-solving and place-and-people appropriate solutions
  • Documentation and training to help grow local capacity and increase sustainability
  • Online delivery and at-distance engagement
  • Technology integration and classroom productivity.
  • Mac, iPad, Chromebook, PC deployment and bulk-config
  • Zoom and online event support
  • Powerschool and State Reporting
  • PEAKS and MAP
  • G-Suite for Edu
  • XenServer & VMWare
  • Wordpress & Facebook
  • Munki (Managed Software Center)

Since 2002, SERRC’s Technology Operations team has been helping craft, support, and implement the unique technology policy and vision of rural Alaskan schools. Our mission is to help teachers and staff build stronger academic and professional relationships by offloading technical overhead.

To learn more...

contact Ryan Stanley, Technology Director at (907) 433-7444