Meet the Team

With SERRC’s special education providers, you get the expertise to deliver exemplary services to students in urban, rural and rural-remote areas of Alaska.

Our providers know their field, as well as the realities of working with Alaska’s weather, transportation, accommodations and communities.

We’re pleased to introduce our our FY16 Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us at any time.

Around outside edge, L-R: John Cowper (ATOP, Admin), Sonya King (PT), Emily Horrocks (ATOP, Admin), Naomi Boswell (SLP), Margie Moviel (OT), Katherine Kulp (PT), Erin Konstantinow (Admin Support), Gail Greenhalgh (Admin), Cara Lacey-Morey (SLP), Jenn Frost (OT), Julie Staley (Associate Director), Claire Powell (SLP). Inner ring, L-R: Jennifer Econopouly (School Psych), Jenelle Braun-Monegan (School Psych), Tarah Sweeney (PT), Marycarol Baker (PT), Sheryl Weinberg (Executive Director), Irene Duvernay (Program Assistant), Janette Peterson (School Psych), Vince Henry (School Psych). Not pictured: Christie Chernoff (SLP), Alati Gagne (PT), Scott Hotaling (Admin)​