Project CREATE

Investing teachers in Alaska's culture, creating classroom excellence

Investing teachers in Alaska’s culture, creating classroom excellence

Resources to Support Culturally Proficient Schools

What is Project CREATE?

Click image to view CREATE brochure (PDF)

Click image to view CREATE brochure (PDF)

Project CREATE stands for Culturally Responsive Evidences for Alaska Teacher Effectiveness.  It takes an innovative approach to effective teaching by shining a light on cultural relevance in teacher evaluations, teacher professional development, teacher classroom activities, and teacher satisfaction and commitment.

All development and creation of processes and protocols in this project will align to Alaska’s Professional Standards for Educators, Cultural Standards for Alaska Educators, and Marzano’s Teacher Causal Evaluation Model for Bering Strait School District.  The overarching goal of Project CREATE is to assure teachers become highly effective in their delivery of culturally responsive K-12 instruction in this professional development grant over the next 3 years.

Project CREATE’s Goal

Project CREATE seeks to develop a teacher evaluation system that incorporates the required element in state regulation that a teacher be evaluated against the Cultural Standards for Alaska Educators.  In order to create a seamless, unified, and integrated system with Bering Strait School District’s model (Marzano Teacher Causal Evaluation Model), cultural evidences of teacher and student behaviors will be developed for evaluators to identify while observing teachers.

SERRC White Paper on Cultural Standards

Project CREATE’s Projected Outcomes

  1. Create an infrastructure for professional learning and teacher evaluation for Bering Strait School District.
  2. Align these into one system: Alaska Professional Teacher Standards, Cultural Standards for Alaska Educators, and Marzano Teacher Causal Evaluation Model
  3. Develop a comprehensive step-by-step guidance manual for AK DEED that can potentially be shared with all districts in Alaska.

What are some activities that will happen in this project?

  1. Extensive development of Alaska Native examples of evidence to use in designing professional growth plans and for evaluating teacher performance through observation.
  2. Provide professional learning through a research-based system of teacher evaluation (Marzano’s Art and Science of Teaching) using examples of cultural relevance.
  3. Create an evaluation system and tools of observation for teachers and evaluators at BSSD that connect to professional learning plans to help teachers teach through a student-centered cultural lens.

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