Tech Review & Recommend

“The TechRR helped me understand the network services provided by our tech department in a plain english way. Ryan’s writing is easy to follow and the TechOps recommendations helped heal our ongoing struggles with technology organization.”

techrr-survey-sampleFor technology departments going through transition, or those seeking ways to increase efficiency and sustainability, we offer the Technology Review & Recommend (TechRR).

This service is designed to give districts an objective review of their technology services department and make recommendations for improvement.

The first phase, the Review, includes an assessment at as deep of a level as your district requires. We’ve performed this service for larger districts where we analyze all things educational technology related, from infrastructure to purchasing to classroom integration including interviewing all staff and surveying all physical technology. We’ve also performed this for small districts where via distance we survey staff and gather systems information.

The second phase, the Recommend, synthesizes improvements for your technology program based on the findings in the Review. Some recommendations may fundamental, like improved design of services deployment, while others may be broader-reaching like changing the composition and workflow of technology support and responsibilities.

As organizations grow and adapt to an ever changing world, technology is playing a key role. Ensure your district technology department is as efficient as it can be by engaging SERRC to perform an objective Technology Review & Recommend.