Individual Technology Learning Plan

The Individualized Technology Learning Plan program allows teachers to increase their technology capacity by working with a cohort and a coach to set and meet goals for technology integration in the classroom.

“If you’re looking for a model of effective PD look no further than the 49th state in the US.” –Richard Byrne, Heart in Ed-Tech? You Bet!

In a world where online technology plays an increasingly vital role in how we communicate, staying current in our classrooms is not a simple task.The Individual Technology Learning Plan (ITLP), designed by Ryan Stanley and Christina Hum, helps Alaskan teachers cross the digital divide and upgrade the particular skills they need to engage students through online tools. The program uses an individualized coaching model, with group interaction both in-person and at-distance, where a teacher accomplishes a technology learning plan crafted by them and based on their individual classroom and skill set.

For more information, or to start an ITLP of your own, contact Ryan Stanley at (907) 586-6806 or


Bill and Sharon working on their projects

ITLP Cohort #2 after a day of collaborating.