Special Education Administration

SERRC offers a powerful mix of on-site visits and distance tools to help districts and schools meet their special education needs. In addition to services for students and teachers, administrative and programmatic expertise available to educators include:

Administrative Support
• Preparation and facilitation of IEP meetings
• Compliance with state and federal legislation and regulations
• Completion of all required paperwork
• Assistance with program implementation
• Staff development and training
• Pre Compliance Reviews
• Post Compliance Training and Assistance
• Staff mentoring

Program Development
• On-Site Program Evaluation
• Needs Assessment
• Behavioral Management Techniques
• Classroom Development
• Direct instruction and services to students
• Contract Development
• Gifted/Talented Program Planning and Development
• Curriculum Planning and Development
• Grant Writing
• Research

Technical Assistance
• State Special Education handbook reference
• Secondary Transitions

Please contact us at any time for more information and references.