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“Being an itinerant for SERRC is still the best job in the world!  Thanks for everything!” – Ann Jorstad, Itinerant Physical Therapist with SERRC since 2008

Most American educators drive to work or maybe take a bus to their schools. Here in Alaska, things are different.

To deliver special education related services to rural Alaska, SERRC’s special education team travels the state by air (jet, float and prop planes), boat, snow machine, and – if need be – by dog sled to provide the children of Alaska with the best possible programs and services.

“Please pass this along to everyone that had a hand in hiring me.  I am so thankful for this opportunity and have had such a wonderful time this first trip.  I have enjoyed meeting the teachers, staff and students.  My stay at the White House couldn’t have been nicer.  It is so cozy, inviting and relaxing… I LOVE THIS NEW JOB!” – Kim Vestal, Itinerant Speech Therapist since 2014

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