Alaska Learning Labs

Afterschool Programs Keep Kids Safe, Healthy and On Track for Success

Alaska Learning Labs takes learning beyond school enabling children in K-12 to improve academic performance, apply academic learning in new and locally relevant ways, participate in healthy activities that link movement to improved memory and retrieval of information, and improve regular attendance and behavior.

Alaska Learning Labs has redesigned and made fully customizable its out-of-school time programs to meet individual school and district needs. Alaska Learning Labs will continue to use its successful model of identifying, hiring and supporting local educators to work with students using approved curriculum and proven learning strategies.

Components of this fully customizable program may include:

  • Individualized Learning Plans aligned with MAP data
  • Hands-On Academic Support
  • Locally Relevant Learning
  • Movement to Engage the Brain
  • Arts to Stimulate Learning
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Student Incentives for Attendance and Academic Gains
  • Family Activities to Engage the Entire Family in the Learning Process.

To find out how AK Learning Labs can work for your district, contact SERRC today.

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