How SERRC became Alaska’s Educational Resource Center

Where did SERRC’s
name come from?

  • SERRC is the acronym for the Southeast Regional Resource Center.
  • SERRC was authorized in 1976 by the Alaska State Legislature to meet the educational needs of both rural and urban communities in Southeast Alaska.
  • Since SERRC now provides school support and educational programs to the entire state, most people refer to SERRC as Alaska’s Educational Resource Center.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. That’s certainly true at SERRC, where almost 250 innovative programs have evolved over the past three decades to meet the emerging needs of more than 100,000 students in 200 schools.

Created in 1976 by the Alaska State Legislature, SERRC was one of six regional resource centers originally charged with meeting Alaska’s unique rural and urban educational needs.

Through the years, Alaska’s other regional resource centers struggled with solvency and eventually closed. SERRC survived and adapted by using state and federal grants to build effective, cost efficient and innovative programs that help districts save money and leverage resources.

By the mid-seventies, SERRC added adult education, job training and family literacy to its menu of services. SERRC incorporated in 1981 and the State Board of Education then charged us with providing services statewide.

Today, SERRC provides educational services to every school district in the state, employs more than 60 people in offices in Anchorage and Juneau, and offers adult education services in Southeast Alaska communities via The Learning Connection.

Our staff have decades of experience working in Alaska’s unique geographic, cultural and educational landscape, and we are proud to continue serving educators and students statewide.