Our Work

Our purpose is to

  • Provide specialized expertise and proven educational support to help Alaskan educators improve student achievement and efficiently leverage resources.
  • Assist in creating schools that educators celebrate, parents expect, and children adore.
  • Offer Southeast Alaskans the education and job training to achieve their dreams.

Our breadth of service is broad and diverse – from early learning, professional development and data coaching, to construction management, grant writing, and culturally relevant instruction.

SERRC operates more than 30 programs and services. Together with our district and community partners, we touch the lives of over 50,000 Alaskan students every year

With over 40 years of service to Alaskan schools and students, SERRC remains focused on quality service and has the knowledge and personnel to custom-fit solutions to Alaska’s unique educational challenges – at an affordable price.

Profile of Our School-Support Services

We assist with teaching and learning support to help strengthen instruction and improve student achievement and operations expertise to help support efficient district management functions.

Together with the urban and rural districts we serve, we are able to build effective, cost efficient and innovative programs:

  • To help districts pool their resources to maximize education dollars and realize cost savings;
  • To bring greater efficiency to school district operations through creative program development and partnerships

Profile of Our Educational Services

By offering youth and adult learners the personalized learning support and job skills they need to succeed in their education and job goals, we seek:

  • To create top-notch educational opportunities for Alaskan students of all ages whether they live in communities large or small, rich or poor, urban or rural.