Welcome to the 21st Century Afterschool Program!

Come Play and Learn


Our 21st Century Community Learning Center provides afterschool learning opportunities for 60, K-2 students at June Nelson Elementary School in Kotzebue, AK. Our program operates as a partnership between SERRC- Alaska’s Educational Resource Center, and the Northwest Arctic Borough School District.

Our certified teachers provide outstanding afterschool adventures three days a week along with regular Fun Fridays and Super Saturdays aimed at inspiring young minds to Come Play and Learn all year long.


About Our Program

Increase the pre-literacy and literacy skills of students in grades K-2

Strengthen parent involvement in the child’s learning

Strengthen the connection between the school and community

Improve student’s emerging social, cooperative and physical skills

What 21st CCLC Parents have to say

“Awesome program!!” 21st CCLC Parent 2015-2016

“My daughter prayed her hardest to join! One week later she got accepted!” 21st CCLC Parent 2015-2016

“Love the program. Thank you.” 21st CCLC Parent 2015-2016

“My daughter seemed to really enjoy it and I really appriciate the program to keep her busy with learning with other kids… Thanks to all the staff that made this program for the kids!!” 21st CCLC Parent 2014-2015

“I was very impressed with the activities that were done as part of the after school program. (My daughter) came home with a lot of interesting things to share.” 21st CCLC Parent 2014-2015

“Good job Teachers!” 21st CCLC Parent 2014-2015


Check out our Classes

Each year we explore new and interesting ways to meet the needs of our budding scholars while respecting the local culture and honoring the skills of our amazing staff. Taking into account our 4 grant goals we have devised a strategic plan to ignite the passions of our students by offering classes on:

  • Literacy focus: Fun and meaninginful literacy activities centered around this year’s K-2 Battle of the Books
  • Cultural¬†focus:¬†Working alongside students to built important social and emotional skills that will encourage healthy self views in a positive learning environment
  • Compass Learning: Literacy and computer skills aligned with NWEA scores to create custom and unique learning paths for each child.
  • CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health): Helping students to develop healthy eating and exercise habits.

Additional 21st Century components include:

  • Daily physical activities geared to energize and focus young minds
  • Daily healthy snacks aligned with Smart Snacks
  • Regular Family and Community Events
  • Special field trips into the community along with virtual field trips across the country

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