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MATCH provides FREE college and career awareness training and the possibility of Juneau Construction Academy training.

  • Get work or training opportunities
  • Discover your interests
  • Define a potential career or training path

You qualify for MATCH if you live in southeast Alaska, are any age 18 and over, and are out of high school. High school diploma isn’t necessary.

MATCH includes one FREE week in Juneau. Travel, accommodations, and all meals are covered.

Former MATCH participants share their experience:

“This program teaches you skills to explore any career of interest, and everything you want or need to know about a career and how to get started.”

“I learned a lot and MATCH helped me understand what kind of opportunities I have and that I should take them.”

“MATCH opened up my mind to different possibilities and interests in other careers.”

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MATCH, or ‘Making Academics, Training and Careers Happen,’ is a three or four-phase program that will help you improve your life through education and training.

Phase 1 – Basic Skills Training – In Home Community
  • Wait to be contacted by program staff who will guide you towards next steps, which could include:
    • Taking the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) to assess basic skills
    • If necessary (based on TABE), begin working with an instructor to improve skills or to prepare for the GED Test
Phase 2 – College & Career Awareness Training – Juneau

Come to Juneau for a week of special training designed to:

  • Help you identify your interests, skills, & work needs;
  • Guide you through exploring careers, in-demand fields, college, training & goal-setting;
  • Build skills and professional documents that will help you gain employment;
  • Field trips to the university and other places in the community; and
  • Help you form career, education or training goals and plan your next steps.


  • April 10th – April 14th
  • Travel to Juneau and stay for 1 week at the Juneau International Hostel
  • Expenses paid by SERRC include: flights, accommodations, airport taxis, & per diem for meals.
Phase 3 – Vocational Training (**If Applicable**)

If interested, you may have a chance to travel to Juneau a second time for one of the following trainings with the Juneau Construction Academy and the University of Alaska Southeast:

  1. Introduction to the Carpentry Trade: March 20th – 24th (happens before phase 2)
  2. MSHA (Mine Safety) Training: April 18th – 20th or May 30th – June 1st
  3. Introduction to the Trades (NCCER) – May 1st – 5th


  • Travel to Juneau and stay for 1 week at the Juneau International Hostel.
  • Expenses paid by SERRC include: flights, accommodations, airport taxis, & per diem for meals.
Phase 4 – Follow-Up – In Home Community

Within 1 month of completing Phase 2 – or Phase 3 if you do it – Juneau instructors will follow up with you to revisit goals, update your Career Pathway Plan and help you plan your next steps.

Download Eligibility

Download Juneau International Hostel Policies


  • Be at least 18 years old and have graduated or withdrawn from high school;
  • Be prepared and willing to participate fully in all program phases and activities;
  • Follow rules of the Juneau International Hostel, including completing chores as needed;
  • Follow the 10:00PM curfew regulations of the Juneau International Hostel;
  • Be courteous, respectful and cooperative with instructors and other participants;
  • Refrain from using cell phones or other electronic devices during meetings or classroom activities, unless otherwise directed from an instructor or presenter;
  • Abide by the session schedule, be on time and attend each day;
  • Refrain from possessing or using alcohol or drugs throughout the duration of the Juneau-based programs; this is a sponsored professional, educational trip.

Participating in illegal activities of any kind or failing to adhere to program policies as defined by SERRC will result in immediate dismissal from the program, and the participant be responsible for the cost of travel to return to their home community.

Program registration is closed. Click to get notice when registration opens.

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