Student speaker, Kailarae GeorgeeditedFREE GED Prep Classes and Tutoring
TLC offers individual GED tutoring and GED-focused math and writing classes in Juneau.

Our GED preparation and testing helps people:

  • orient to the GED process
  • improve their reading, writing, and math skills
  • prepare for the GED exam
  • work with computers
  • take the GED exams

Hours & Class Calendar
Click for tutoring hours and a calendar of current classes in Juneau.

Do You Live Outside of Juneau?
To find GED prep and testing resources outside of Juneau in Southeast Alaska, call us toll-free at 1-800-478-6660.

What Will a GED Get You?
A GED diploma opens the door for you to secure a job or a better job, continue your education and training, serve as a role model for your children, help you feel better about yourself and more!

How can TLC Help You?
We are here to help guide you through the GED process. Our teachers are welcoming, experienced, and care deeply about their students.

What do you have to do to pass the GED?
You can be in control of your future! Successful GED students have a powerful reason to get their GED, make a commitment to the process, take steps towards their goal, and ask for help. Here’s how:

  • Attend GED orientation and register with at our learning center (2 hours)
  • Take math and reading assessment for class placement (1 hour)
  • Meet with teacher to create study plan (15 minutes)
  • Attend classes
  • Study on your own or with TLC tutors
  • Take a free short practice test (15 minutes)
  • Take the practice test (called the Official GED Ready Practice Test)
  • Schedule and take GED test

Do you want to know more about the GED?

General GED information
Your personal GED account, helpful tutorials, and test taking tips