Tools We Use

TechOps team members are ready to learn whatever technology comes our way. Some of our specialties include:

  • Expert technology troubleshooting, particularly via distance.
  • Streamlined and effective OSX (Mac) computer deployment and management;
  • Automated OSX application updates and installations using Munki;
  • OSX and iOS profile and preferences management using Munki;
  • Scalable and simple server arrays using Xen and VMWare virtual hosts;
  • Open Directory for managing OSX computer preferences;
  • Inexpensive, lightweight, and hugely practical Debian Linux web, file sharing, and utility servers;
  • Industry standard Active Directory, MS SQL, Sharepoint, Office, Windows solutions;
  • iPad deployments with Configurator, Profile Manager and Mobile Device Management tools;
  • Email, calendaring, and modern cloud-based collaboration with Google Apps;
  • District, school, and classroom websites that teachers and staff can update themselves using WordPress.