Just-In-Time Helpdesk

“One of my class laptops was misbehaving. I messaged TechOps at the beginning of class and while I was still giving students instruction on the activity, I saw the mouse on the ailing laptop begin moving. It rebooted a couple times and then I got a message back in my chat from Brian at TechOps saying the computer was ready to go – and it was!”

remote2Teachers are telling us again and again that email or instant-message requests for technical support, during the moment that an issue is happening, saves them time and increases student productivity in their classroom.

Once an active participant on the school network, the TechOps Helpdesk gives staff and teachers always-on, just-in-time technology support. Our staff become your staff. We get to know the people, the environment, the requirements. Through telephone, email, instant message, video chat, desktop sharing: help is at hand.

The TechOps HelpDesk is a dedicated team of technicians whose sole job is technical support for schools around Alaska. We work with IT departments, technologists, teachers, staff, admins, and students.