Federal Programs

“We were better able to comply with NCLB, regain status as an Indian Education grant applicant, and improve our grant applications and reporting. We are grateful for SERRC’s exceptional assistance, and look forward to more collaboration.”
– Jim Elliott, Denali Borough School District Superintendent


Last year, SERRC wrote 29 federal grants for 7 districts totaling $2,655,580 million.

Working closely with the Department of Education, Bureau of Indian Education, and the Office of Indian Education, SERRC assists districts in developing grant applications, writing annual reports, and modifying grants as necessary to meet requirements of the following programs:

  • Title I, Part A – Programs for educationally disadvantaged children in attendance areas with high concentration of low-income families.
  • Title I, Part C – Migrant Education program to meet the educational needs of children of migratory workers.
  • Title II, Part A – Program to increase student achievement by increasing the number of highly qualified teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators in schools.
  • Title III, Part A – English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement. Assists limited English proficient students to make academic gains.
  • Title VI – Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) provides districts flexibility with accountability in meeting student academic gains.
  • Title VII – Indian Education – Formula grants designed to assist local educational agencies to improve student achievement in K-12 programs for their American Indian and Alaska Native students.
  • Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education Grant – Formula grant that prepares students in an educational environment that integrates core academics with real-world relevance.
  • Johnson O’Malley – Discretionary grants from the Bureau of Indian Education to provide supplemental programs for Native American students.
  • Grant Applications – Prepare project applications in conjunction with district designated staff in accordance with specific grant requirements. Submit applications to the district for review and approval, and submission to granting agencies.
  • Grant Modifications – Prepare grant modifications as necessary and requested during the course of the project year.
  • Annual Reports – Prepare narrative reports (not financial reports) required by the granting agency and/or as identified in the project application.
  • Specialized Services
    • NCLB Pre-Compliance Monitoring
    • NCLB Document Notification and Repository Service
    • Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee Training