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Parent Engagement

Calendar of Activities for Teachers and Administrators

Activity Calendar for Middle/High School Parents

Activity Calendar for Elementary Parents

Ideas for parents on how to be engaged in their child’s learning

Includes ideas on how families can be more engaged with their child’s learning.

Ideas for businesses on how to support parents and their child’s learning

Includes ideas for businesses on how they can support parent involvement in the education of their children.

A Parent’s Guide to Assessing Involvement in a Child’s Schooling: Detail

Wondering how you can be more involved in your child’s schooling? This guide will give you lots of ideas.

Family Night Ideas for Families at Home

Help parents send their child off with a childhood filled with family memories. Attached, you will find a sampling of ideas that families can do together for fun. These ideas can be copied and pasted in your school’s newsletter.

A Parent’s Guide to Being Involved in a Child’s Education: Summary

Wondering how to support your child at home and school? This document will give you some suggestions.

38 Ways Parents Can Volunteer in Schools

Reviews for the reader 38 ways families can volunteer for their child’s school, includes both in and out of the school.