How schools can help parents work with their children at home to improve their children’s achievement

How schools can help parents work with their children at home to improve their children’s achievement.

Family Friendly Schools

A School’s Guide to Strengthening Your Family-Friendly School


The Alaska Parent Information and Resource Center’s purpose is to help districts and schools strengthen the following to meet the educational needs of all children:

  • Parental involvement policies, programs, and activities that lead to improvement in student academic achievement
  • Partnerships among families (including parents of children from birth through age 5), community based organizations, teachers, principals, and other school personnel.

In partnership with RurAL CAP and the Anchorage and Yupiit School Districts, this federally funded program provides parents and educators with information and training to increase parent involvement as outlined in the No Child Left Behind Act.

In school year 2009-2010, AKPIRC:

  • Implemented the Language and Cultural Liaison program in partner districts bridging communication between 177 families and schools through activities such as parent support, workshops, and parent teacher conferences.
  • Trained 532 early childhood providers statewide, developed and disseminated Parents as Teachers program information and provided direct services and resources to 84 parents through home visits.
  • Developed toolkits for the AKPIRC website that includes parent guides, professional development materials, and other resources that educators can use to increase parent involvement in their schools.
  • Piloted Solid Foundation, a parent engagement program developed by the Academic Development Institute.


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School Success – Secondary Focus